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“The Dinner” (1974-2018) is now in theaters

On January 25, 2018, “The Dinner” (1974-2018) opened commercially in Barcelona’s Cinemes Texas.

The film has reopened to showcase a “reactivation” by Pere Portabella. Motivated by Jordi Balló and Alan Salvadó’s research on the movie, he has included an addendum to the 1974 footage filmed on the day the Franco regime executed Salvador Puig Antich by garrote.

In Xavier Antich’s words, “Walter Benjamin coined the term ‘dialectical image’ to describe the critical power of images to reveal their time, illuminating it. In the process, these images are projected forward onto the present, revealing thus an archeology. This is what Portabella has achieved with “The Dinner”. He has transformed his gaze on the past, on that dreadful year 1974, once again singularly illuminating our no less dreadful current year of 2018.”

A film dense with the reality of what it means to be a political prisoner and how new forms of cinematographic language can reflect on our present.

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