Die Stille vor Bach

1.85:1|color|100 min

Die Stille vor Bach is an approach to music and the trades and subjects that surround it through Bach's works.
A look at the profound dramaturgic relationship between image and music where the latter is not merely conceived as subsidiary to the image butas a subject of the narration in its own right.
The film springs from a previously defined musical structure. The soundtrack feeds on works by J.S.Bach and two of Felix Mendelssohn's sonatas to create an architectural vault beneath which the story of the film unfolds; apromenade through the XVIIIth, XIXth and XXIth centuries led by the hand of J.S.Bach.

Technical data

  • Producer: Films 59
  • Director: Pere Portabella
  • Script: Pere Portabella - Carles Santos - Xavier Albertí
  • Photograpy: Tomás Pladevall (A.E.C.)
  • Sound: Albert Manera
  • Re-Recording Mixing: Ricard Casals
  • Art Director: Quim Roy
  • Costume Designer: Montse Figueras
  • Production Manager: Pasqual Otal
  • 1st Assistant Director: Jordi Vidal Amorós
  • 2on Assistant Director: Montse Garre
  • Script Supervisor: Anne M. Settimó
  • Production Assistant: Estitxu Elizasu
  • 1st Assistant Camera: Jordi Bransuela - Jordi Florensa
  • Steady Cam: Ramón Sánchez
  • Gaffer: Manel Fernández
  • Still Photographer: Helena Gomá
  • Grip: Charli Guerrero
  • Makeup: Claudia de Anta
  • Hairdresser: Eva Sanz
  • Boom Operator: Biel Cabré
  • Laboratory: Image Film
  • Post Production: Sonoblok
  • Sound Studio: El camaleón sonido - Sonoblok
  • Original Version: Spanish - German - French - Italian
  • Premiere: December 21st, 2007 (Spain)
  • Distribution Company: Sherlock FIlms (Spain) - Medula Films (France) - Shadows distribution (USA)

Artistic data

  • Actors: Alex Brendemühl - Feodor Atkine - Christian Brembeck - Daniel Ligorio - Georgina Cardona - Ferran Ruíz - Jaume Melendres - Antonio Serrano - Georg Christopher Biller - Franz Schuchart - Christian Atanasiu - Johannes Zametzer - Beatriz Ferrer-Salat



  • The Silence Before Bach - A film by Pere Portabella (2007)
  • Looking after sight