Informe General

1.33:1|color|154 min

This film constitutes the synthesis of Portabella's openly political clandestine films and his surroundings. Shot in the months after the death of General Franco, it is a "documentary" film shot with the techniques of a fiction film. A coherent link in a filmography intended to explore the limits of filming representation, Informe General is about the future political representation in the Spanish transition, with a clear democratic vocation contradicted by its virtual invisibility during thirty years. The speakers are concerned with one sole question: How do you go from a dictatorship to a democracy?

Technical data

  • Producer: Films 59
  • Director: Pere Portabella
  • Script: Pere Portabella - Carles Santos - Octavi Pellissa
  • Music: Carles Santos
  • Photograpy: Manel Esteban
  • Sound: Alberto Escobedo - Pere Joan Ventura - Javier Celayuandi
  • 1st Assistant Director: Anne M. Settim� - Jos� Miguel Herrera
  • Unit Manager: Alberto Prous
  • Laboratory: Fotofilm S.A.E.
  • Sound Studio: Sonigraf
  • Original Version: Spanish - Catalan - Basque



  • Perfect politics
  • A General Report