Lectura Brossa

Betacam - U-matic|color - B/N|36 min

A screening of the whole text of the play by Joan Brossa, El sol con cara with a dramatized reading by Lina Lambert (voice) and Eva Maria in sign language. This representation took place in Barcelona on February 26, 2003 in the Convent of Sant Agustí as part of the Brossa viu event organized by the Espai Brossa and the SGAE within the framework of La presència forta: 5 anys Espai Brossa (A Strong Presence: 5 years of Espai Brossa). Included at the end of the short Joan Brossa is interviewed by Pere Portabella in 1991.

Technical data

  • Producer: Films 59
  • Director: Pere Portabella

Artistic data

  • Actors: Joan Brossa, Lina Lambert, Maria