Miró-Portabella. Poetics and transgression.

The exhibition "Miró-Portabella. Poetics and transgression" will be held at the Fundació Pilar and Joan Miró in Palma de Mallorca from December 19, 2009 to April 5, 2010.
The exhibit uses as a thread Pere Portabella's short films devoted to different aspects of the work of Joan Miro, such as forging (Miró la forja, 1973) The Tapestry (Miró tapís, 1973), ephemeral creative action (Miró l'altre, 1969), or the political commitment that is manifested in the two artists, more as an aesthetic rebellion directly political (Aidez l'Espagne, 1969).
As parallel activities, during the month of February Vampir-Cuadecuc, Pont de Varsovia, Die Stille vor Bach, Umbracle and Mudanza will be screened in Sa Nostra Culture House in Palma de Mallorca.