Exhibition MIRÓ / PORTABELLA in Girona

On May 6, the exhibition "Miró / Portabella. Poetics and transgression" is opening in La Fontana d'Or, Cultural Centre of the Caixa of Girona. The exhibition makes a tour of the creative relationship between Joan Miró and Pere Portabella.

This exhibition uses as a the main subject Portabella's short films dedicated to different aspects of Miró's work: tapestry (Miró tapís, 1973), forja (Miró la forja, 1973), ephemeral creative action (Miró l'Altre, 1969) or the political commitment that is manifested in the two artists as an aesthetic rebellion more than a political one (Miró Aidez l'Espagne, 1969).

The exhibition rooms are filled with and share projections, paintings, tapestries, lithographs, drawings, notebooks, posters and other documents.