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60th anniversary of ‘Films 59’


As you know, this year marks the 60th anniversary of Pere Portabella’s production company ‘Pere Portabella – Films 59’. Portabella’s production company is the oldest in Spain to produce films uninterruptedly since1959.

For this reason, in the forthcoming weeks, different events will be held to acknowledge and commemorate Pere Portabella’s career as a film producer and director. Among others, we must point out:

-Presentation of the SEFF (Seville European Film Festival) Giraldillo of Honour Award to Pere Portabella.

-Film series featuring Films 59 productions at the SEFF.

-The “Films 59 turns 60” series at the Filmoteca de Catalunya, from 19 to 24 November, featuring the on-site participation of Pere Portabella. This series will begin with the premiere of the uncensored version of Marco Ferreri’s “El cochecito”, produced by Pere Portabella, with screenplay by Rafael Azcona.

-Film series commemorating Films 59 at the Filmoteca Española: On 27 November, Pere Portabella will be presenting his films “Vampir-Cuadecuc” and “Mudanza” (“Removal”) at the Cine Doré in Madrid.

Complete retrospective in London from 26 November 2019 to 15 February 2020, which will be ending at the University of Cambridge. Screenings and seminars covering Portabella’s film work under the title “A Worm’s Tail View is Often the True One: Films by Pere Portabella”.

Vinyl edition of the original soundtrack by Carles Santos for Portabella’s film “Vampir-Cuadecuc”.

-Portabella’s films “Poetes Catalans” and “La Tempesta” (“The Tempest”) will be respectively showing at Barcelona’s Palau de la Virreina and Festival Flux 2019.

-Screening of the film “Los golfos” (The Delinquents), directed by Carlos Saura and produced by Pere Portabella, at Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

For further information or materials (photos, etc) or to contact Pere Portabella, please write to

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