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Second Run releases the Blu-ray of ‘The Silence Before Bach’ and ‘Mudanza’

Bluray Bach Portabella Second Run

Second Run, one of the most prestigious independent labels internationally in the distribution of DVDs and BRs, has presented its second publication on the work of Pere Portabella, after the release of “Vampir-Cuadecuc”.

On this occasion, it is the special Blu-ray edition of “Die Stille vor Bach (The Silence Before Bach)” (2007) and “Mudanza” (2009). Both films, premiered at the Venice Film Festival, are accompanied by a series of extras, including a booklet with previously unpublished articles and the inclusion of the interview to Pere Portabella conducted by Àlex Gorina for the TV program ‘Sala 3’ of Televisió de Catalunya.

It is a region free edition, so it can be viewed on all players around the world. “The Silence Before Bach” has subtitles in English, German, Italian and Spanish, and the interview to Pere Portabella is subtitled in English.

For more information and purchase.

Special features:

  • Presented from a new High-Definition transfers, approved by director Pere Portabella.
  • An in-depth 2010 interview with Pere Portabella from the Catalan tv arts show ‘Sala 33’ discussing both “The Silence Before Bach” and “Mudanza”.
  • Booklet featuring writing on the films by Pere Portabella and Marcelo Expósito.
  • “The Silence Before Bach” presented in 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and 2.0 Stereo; “Mudanza” presented in 2.0 Stereo.
  • Region free Blu-ray (A/B/C)

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