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Luis Buñuel
90 minutes
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The story of Viridiana, a novice who visits her uncle before pronouncing her vows, serves as a pretext to Buñuel to address the issue of charity, beneficence, the complexity of the human being and the Christian symbolisms. The film, which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival, provoked the wrath of the Vatican (which threatened to excommunicate its authors), and was banned in Spain, where Franco’s regime barred Portabella and the other producers.

Technical Details

Production Companies: Films 59 – Uninci – Producciones Alatriste

Director: Luis Buñuel

Script: Luis Buñuel – Julio Alejandro

Executive Producers: Pere Portabella – Ricardo Muñoz Suay – Gustavo Alatriste

Photography: José F. Aguayo

Edition: Pedro del Rey

Original Version: Castellà

Aspect Ratio: 1,33:1

Color: B/N

Original Format: 35mm


Silvia Pinal – Francisco Rabal – Fernando Rey – Margarita Lozano – José Calvo – Joaquín Roa – Victoria Zinny.

Other Works

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Copyright ©. All rights reserved.

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