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Warsaw Bridge

Warsaw Bridge
Pere Portabella
84 minutes
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Pont de Varsòvia is dated 1989, the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall. If the predominant look in Nocturn 29 was that of the upper classes in the sixties, in Pont de Varsòvia we have shining images of the new intellectuals and the amnesic, progressive, European political classes. But beneath that sparking surface of spectacular socio-cultural events and the frivolous life in a happy Europe, lies the tension of broken memories and personal and historical cataclysms. Filmed as meticulously as contemporary comercial cinema, Pont de Varsòvias shatters the plot into a thousand fragments in a European landscape broken by the return of History. It is therefore not strange that two years later Godard should be the author of a sibling film, Germany Year 90 Nine Zero explicitly the heir to Rossellini’s Germany year zero in 1947 post-war Europe.

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Technical Details

Production Company: Films 59

Director: Pere Portabella

Script: Pere Portabella – Octavi Pellissa – Carles Santos

Dialogs: Octavi Pellissa

Music: Carles Santos

Photography: Tomás Pladevall (A.E.C.)

Art Director: Pep Durán – Vicenta Obon

1st Assistant Director: Pere Joan Ventura

Continuity: Anne M. Settimo

Unit Manager: Lluís Puig

Camera Operator: Carles Gusi

Executive Producer: Joan Antón González

Original Version: Catalan

Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1

Color: Color

Original Format: 35 mm

Screening Formats: DCP / Digital


Paco Guijar – Jordi Dauder – Carme Elías – Ona Planas – Josep Maria Pou – Carles Santos – La Fura dels Baus.

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Copyright ©. All rights reserved.

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