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The Silence Before Bach

The Silence Before Bach
Pere Portabella
97 minutes
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Die Stille vor Bach is an approach to music and the trades and subjects that surround it through Bach’s works. A look at the profound dramaturgic relationship between image and music where the latter is not merely conceived as subsidiary to the image but as a subject of the narration in its own right. The film springs from a previously defined musical structure. The soundtrack feeds on works by J. S. Bach and two of Felix Mendelssohn’s sonatas to create an architectural vault beneath which the story of the film unfolds; a promenade through the XVIIIth, XIXth and XXIth centuries led by the hand of J. S. Bach.

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Technical Details

Production company: Films 59

Director: Pere Portabella

Script: Pere Portabella – Carles Santos – Xavier Albertí

Dialogues: Xavier Albertí

Photography: Tomás Pladevall (A.E.C.)

Sound: Albert Manera

Re-Recording Mixing: Ricard Casals

Edit: Òskar Gómez

Art Director: Quim Roy

Production Manager: Pasqual Otal

1st Assistant Director: Jordi Vidal Amorós

Continuity: Anne M. Settimó

Production Assistant: Estitxu Elizasu

Original Version: Spanish – German – French – Italian

Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1

Color:  Color

Original Format: 35 mm

Screening Copies: DCP / Digital


Alex Brendemühl – Feodor Atkine – Christian Brembeck – Daniel Ligorio – Georgina Cardona – Ferran Ruíz – Jaume Melendres – Antonio Serrano – Georg Christopher Biller – Franz Schuhart – Christian Atanasiu – Johannes Zametzer – Beatriz Ferrer-Salat.

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Copyright ©. All rights reserved.

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