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Dance to the Spirits

Dance to the Spirits
Ricardo Íscar
80 minutes
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Mba Owona is the village chief and the ngengang, the healer of Nsola, an Evuzok village in the jungle of southern Cameroon. He deals with the evils that come from a night world populated by spirits that attack his people. Mba Owona is an “anti-witch”; he has a special gift and a responsibility towards his fellow villagers.

The documentary is inspired by the work of Lluís Mallart, a Catalan anthropologist and friend of Mba Owona, who lived for many years in Cameroon.

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Technical Details

Production Company: Films 59 – Únicamente Severo Films – Televisió de Catalunya

Director: Ricardo Íscar

Script: Ricardo Íscar – Daria Esteva – Laia Manresa – Andrés Antevi (sobre el treball de Lluís Mallart).

Executive Producer: Pere Portabella – Daria Esteva

Production Director: Pasqual Otal – Ana Cartañosa

Production Manager: Caroline Pomerlau

Photography: Ricardo Íscar

Sound: Sosthene Fokam

Editing: Núria Esquerra – Raül Cuevas

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Color: Color

Original Format: Digital

Screening Formats: DCP / Digital


Mba Owona – Zama Vincent

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