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General Report II. The New Abduction of Europe

General Report II. The New Abduction of Europe
Pere Portabella
126 minutes
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Portabella is putting forward the second part of one of his historic works, the General report on certain matters of interest for a public screening, which peeked out in 1976 at the start of the political transition process after Franco’s death. This second “report” is made in the context of a severe systemic crisis in the cultural, economic-financial, political and energy fields. Above all, it nevertheless bears witness to the way civil society is coming out of this crisis with a new prominence, consisting quite simply in ordinary people’s recovering politics.

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Technical Details

Production Company: Films 59 – Pere Portabella

Director: Pere Portabella

Photography: Elisabeth Prandi

Sound: Albert Manera

1st Assistant Director: Jordi Vidal Amorós

2nd Assistant Director: Adrián Onco – Marcelo Expósito

Production Manager: Pasqual Otal

Production Assistant: Estitxu Elizasu

Editing: Òskar Gómez

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Color: Color

Original Format: Digital

Screening Formats: DCP / Digital


Jesús Carrillo – Zdenka Badovinac – Ada Colau – Itziar González Virós – Marina Garcés – Yaiza Hernández – Paul B. Preciado – Manuel Borja-Villel – Antonio Negri – Muriel Casals – Quim Arrufat – David Fernández – Isabel Vallet – Ferran Civit – Carme Forcadell – Jordi Martínez – Andreu Porta – Ignasi Termes – Jaume Asens – Simona Levi – Andreu Missé  Nagua Alba, Germán Cano – Iñigo Errejón – Eduardo Fernández Rubiño – Jorge Lago – Eduardo Maura – Alícia Duró – José Manuel Fortuño – José Antonio García-Olivares – Marcos Portabella Arnús – Rafael Simó – Antonio Turiel – Daniel Raventós – Ariadna Trillas.

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Copyright ©. All rights reserved. Pere Portabella – Films 59.

Copyright ©. All rights reserved.

Pere Portabella – Films 59.